Poultry P.L.U.S

Partnership Launchpad & Unbundling Scheme

POULTRY P.L.U.S is a special purpose vehicle established by FRESHLINK in 2019 to cater for a special segment of would-be investors in the Agricultural Value Chains.

About Poultry P.L.U.S

POULTRY P.L.U.S (Partnership Launchpad & Unbundling Scheme) is a Partnership/Ownership Investment Scheme specifically targeted at net worth individuals and corporate organizations (both local and international) who are keen to practice indirect poultry farming by partnering with us to invest in specific areas of interest in the Poultry Value chain and the myriads of wealth-generating opportunities therein.

With a crop of seasoned professionals with over five decades of combined experience in the Nigerian poultry sector, FRESHLINK is well positioned as the scheme manager. To this end, FRESHLINK has acquired hundreds of hectares of titled land to create a Poultry Estate, in technical partnership with several globally reputable innovative poultry housing & equipment companies, with the view to build, operate and manage investments across the entire Poultry Value Chain, on behalf of signed-on individual and corporate Partners & Sponsors.

Investment Opportunities Through Poultry P.L.U.S

  • Day-old chicks production/ Parent Stock Farming/ Hatcheries
  • Table Eggs Production/ Commercial Layer Farming
  • Fresh or Frozen Chicken/ Broiler Integration


POULTRY P.L.U.S is thus a window of opportunity for interested individuals and corporate sponsors and partners to open risk-insured investment accounts with FRESHLINK through indirect farming and/ or a part-ownership scheme thereby creating value and wealth, with a guaranteed return on investment of a minimum of 15%. Other core values derivable from the scheme include:

  • Full Insurance coverage of Poultry projects
  • Yearly payable interests
  • Cash-out opportunity after 5-years investment window

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